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Here's some of the cutting edge features of this face mask:

  • ✅ Nano Technology Dust-Free Air Filter PM2.5
  • ✅ Made with high quality polyurthane that's breathable and comfortable.
  • ✅ Most Comfortable in it's class - can barely notice you're even wearing it.
  • ✅ Washable - use repeatedly.
  • ✅ Elastic widening ear strap design that's strong and comfortable
  • ✅ Fits all ages, perfect for men, women, and children
  • ✅ Redesigned breathing valve that reduces heat and humidity (make it much more comfortable)
  • ✅ Collapsable - put it in your pocket and take it anywhere
  • ✅ Extremely Lightweight & Ultra Thin (2mm)
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In the people's bank of China announced that Beijing will take the lead in developing financial innovation science and technology supervision pilot a month later, the pilot had substantial progress - on January 14th night, the central bank's official website announced the six proposed into financial supervision pilot application of science and technology innovation, involving the Internet of things, small micro credit, smart banking and mobile POS, etc. The pilot units are from China unionpay, icbc, agricultural bank of China, citic bank, bank of ningbo, baixin bank and other institutions, as well as fintech companies such as xiaomi digital, duxiaoman and jd digital. The six applications are seen as the first batch of pilot fintech projects, after the city's financial regulator proposed the concept of "sandbox regulation" in fintech.
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The perfect dual axis inclinometer for measuring straightness, flatness, squareness and machine geometry

With the introduction of the BlueLEVEL-2D WYLER AG is underlining again its leading position in the field of inclination measuring instruments: The new dual axis Blue-LEVEL-2D combines for the first time two high-precision inclination sensors in a compact housing together with an integrated graphical display!

在汽车故障诊断领域,针对诊断设备和汽车ECU之间的数据交换,各大汽车公司几乎都制订了相关的标准和协议。其中,欧洲汽车领域广泛使用的一种车载诊断协议标准是KWP2000(Keyword Protocol 2000),该协议实现了一套完整的车载诊断服务,并且满足E-OBD(European On Board Diagnose)标准。KWP2000最初是基于K线的诊断协议,由于K线物理层和数据链路层在网络管理和通讯速率上的局限性,使得K线无法满足日趋复杂的车载诊断网络的需求。而CAN网络(Controller Area Network)由于其非破坏性的网络仲裁机制、较高的通讯速率(可达1M bps)和灵活可靠的通讯方式,在车载网络领域广受青睐,越来越多的汽车制造商把CAN总线应用于汽车控制、诊断和通讯。近年来欧洲汽车领域广泛采用了基于CAN总线的KWP2000,即ISO 15765协议,而基于K线的KWP2000物理层和数据链路层协议将逐步被淘汰。