Bluetooth gateway is an electronic device that connects a Bluetooth product to other hardware. For instance, an audio or stereo BL gateway connects a Bluetooth-enabled device to an external speaker. In this article, our focus will be on a cellular BL gateway. Cellular BL gateways converge cellphone accounts with home landlines.

Today, we have an assortment of wireless protocols so that it might become a little confusing to check them all. On one hand, it is helping developers of wireless technology to address specific issues in design. On the other hand, it also makes identifying the right protocol a bit different task. It becomes particularly true when we have to choose between BLE (Bluetooth low-energy) and Bluetooth Classic. A person who is not a tech expert may assume BLE and Bluetooth as the same devices. However, it is crucial to know the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of all options to choose a perfect Classic or BLE gateway.

Satellite navigation has revolutionized the way we get around. It’s cheap, fast and easy to use. But there’s one fatal flaw in the system: It simply can’t work underground.

GPS requires line of sight to satellites orbiting the planet. The great advantage of this is that it works seamlessly all over the world, without needing to be connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network. This works well in open areas but in built-up areas with tall buildings, or in underground tunnels, the system can fall apart.

Bluetooth beacons offer a great opportunity for many industries to work more efficiently and improve their offering to customers. One of the most interesting applications is in the world of retail, where the phrase ‘know your customer’ is taking on a whole new meaning.

Mesh networking with Bluetooth has a bright future. By taking advantage of existing lighting systems you open the door to huge added value possibilities, both for your business and its customers.

While mesh networking is nothing new, it is only now starting to be adopted in industrial and commercial environments. Bluetooth Mesh offers a low power mesh network with the potential to deliver many and varied added value services.